Use eSafely Filter & Protect your child

Controls Add-on provides kid-safe access to popular web resources, free of adult content. eSafely’s offers safe access to Youtube, Facebook Chat and Safe Search, as well as Kid Safe Images – our real-time image filtering for protection across the Web.eSafely

Kid Safe Youtube – Takes advantage of the already present safety features available on the video sharing portal. With eSafely installed, YouTube’s safety mode is forced ON, and the approval link to view 18+ content is removed from the page, preventing access to the video.

Kid Safe Chat – Facebook chat just got a whole lot…politer! With eSafely installed, instances of cyber bullying, harassment, and just general rudeness will be a thing of the past, as offending messages are caught and prevented from delivery. Users are warned against inappropriate messages with the prompt ‘Please be polite’.

Kid Safe Images – Keeping your kids safe on sites like Wikipedia, eSafely delivers all the content available on pages across the Web. Our real-time image filtering/replacement approach offers a low-key response to the issue of inappropriate images while ensuring that accidental exposure to inappropriate content is kept to a minimum for young eyes.

Kid Safe Search – kid-friendly image and web search delivered by our partner portal delivers web results free of harmful or inappropriate content, allowing kids and adults alike to search freely without worrying about the results that may be encountered.

via: eSafely

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