The Nike  announced on Wednesday (21) that will finally realize the dream of many fans of the franchise “Back to the Future.” From the 28th of November this year, the company will offer a “trial and purchase” of a new shoe model whose shoelaces adjust automatically by pressing a button – whose official name is HyperAdapt.

The company must offer new shoes only in some of its stores across the United States at an early time. Although the price charged by the novelty has not yet been disclosed, it seems that the figures should be practiced quite prohibitive for most consumers.

Each shoe unit is equipped with an internal cable system constructed of a similar material to fishing lines and a pressure sensor in its sole. When you put your foot inside the shoes, the cables are adjusted using based on an “algorithmic equation pressure”, and you can perform manual adjustments using side buttons.

The news comes to the United States in November

An interesting feature of the shoes is the fact that they have to be frequently reloaded – a close to the sole LED indicates when the laces are being adjusted and when the battery is near the end. Each charge provides two weeks of continuous use, and Nike offers a magnetic clip system for buyers realize recharging – a process that takes 3 hours to complete.

The product launch marks the end of a series of “teasers” released by Nike in recent years. In 2011, she came to throw replicas of shoes that appear in “Back to the Future”, but they still needed to be tied in the traditional manner. A final version of the product was confirmed only in March this year, when the company announced its intention to offer it to the general public.


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