Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr or Medium; which is the better platform?

When choosing a blog platform to show the world what you have to say, perhaps the greatest challenge is to know which one has the best tools to meet the needs of your project – or rather home to their content type. The Blogger , the  WordPress , the  Tumblr and  Medium provide the best resources for publications, ideal for a wide variety of content – from the most simple to the elaborate. Learn the main characteristics of each of these platforms and find out which is ideal to publish your content.

Meet Platforms:

The Blogger and blogspot is kept free by Google and is one of the largest platforms to develop blogs. In it, the user can create unlimited numbers of blogs with one account and customize them as you like. Out the free themes available within the platform, there are several themes developed to Blogger available on the internet. In addition, the user has the option to personalize the design with your own theme, because the structure of HTML is free for editing. Blogger also has gadgets that expand the blog functionality – no need to change the source code – and, as the themes, there is a variety available within the platform and the Internet.

WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform. Your license is open source and anyone who wants to get your blog can use WordPress without technical knowledge. The platform offers a community with themes and exclusive free tools and even using the free version, you can develop a custom blog (although the plan’s limitations).

The Tumblr is a free blog service, fully customizable and also available in mobile version. With a proposal that combines blog and social network, Tumblr is popular with teenagers and ensures interactivity and dynamism in the publications. By enabling short posts, the platform fell to the delight of the young audience and became one of the most used in the world.

Tumblr is one of the most used blogging platforms in the world (Play / David Lima)

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The Medium offers a free service for online publication and also has mobile version for Android and iOS .With easy to use tools and a nice look, the platform focuses clean reading, ie without interference from objects that take the text of attention. Its feature social networking ensures interaction, allowing follow other bloggers, comment, enjoy and share entire publications (or sections). However, the Medium platform is not yet translated into Portuguese.

medium1The Medium is growing and standing out among the blog platforms betting on a focused interface in reading content (Play / David Lima)

Platforms to publish:

The publishing platform Blogger has traditional tools of editing and formatting text and option for HTML editing. Some features that stand out in time to publish content are: bookmarks (which allow define categories with the help of a gadget), the option to schedule date and time for posting, personalization links, location setting and insert files from various sources as computer, mobile phone, own blog, Google ‘s photo albums, URL and YouTube .

blogger7Blogger has good tools for text publication (Play / David Lima)

The WordPress  has a clean look, modern and smooth tonal colors. The text formatting tools and HTML editing does not differ greatly from Blogger, however, uploads of video and audio files are only available in paid versions.

Time to create and publish texts, WordPress has advantage in some points compared to Blogger and other platforms. The program categories can be created before and selected at the time of developing a text, but you can also create a new category before publishing the content. In Blogger , you need to use markers and set a specific gadget to set the blog categories.

In WordPress , there is the option to display a prominent image in each post and have the display control buttons sharing on social networks – which can be defined in each publication. In addition to these functions, the text editing area, you can set the format as post note, gallery, quote or link. It is also allowed to insert summary of posting, location and schedule the day and time for publication. Within the text can be entered with the aid of a standard tool, a contact form, ensuring the possibility of gaining subscribers to the blog.

wordpress5WordPress has more advanced settings to edit and publish texts (Play / David Lima)

On Medium , the editing and formatting tools are hidden and appear according to the action of who is using the platform. If you type text and selects arise formatting options. To insert a media file, you must click in a text editing area is empty and an icon will be with the upload options. The images are inserted directly from the computer and the videos can be entered from external URL like YouTube , Vine , and Vimeo .

The option to embed code block (if implemented) can leave the interesting publication. Even with basic tools for editing and formatting text, write the Medium is a good experience for both beginners and for content professionals.

medium2The Medium publishing platform stands out for its simplicity and clean look (Play / David Lima)

The Tumblr is a different platform from the others, the dashboard is similar to a social network, offering greater interactivity with the publications of other bloggers.

The way to publish is also different: before starting any post, you must define the type of publication and choose whether it be text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video. The area of the text type is similar to the Medium, the formatting tools are hidden and appear according to the user’s actions – and you can insert pictures from your computer, URL or videos by embedding HTML code. The highlight is the GIFs insert available on the platform. You can write HTML and Markdown.

tumblr11Tumblr offers several options to publish content (Play / David Lima)

Highlights of the platforms:

The WordPress and Blogger are very complete in relation to the text editing tools and posts settings. They also have more liberal platforms for HTML editing, giving the user greater possibilities of content creation.However , this experience is limited in free WordPress blogs.

The Medium and Tumblr are the platforms with cleaner interfaces to write texts. The formatting tools do not have many resources, but it does not diminish the experience of making good publications on both platforms.

The Medium has a different proposal from the traditional platform blog, clean look is not limited only to editing text. The reader enjoys a pleasant and comfortable reading experience. Another highlight is its metric (which is not focused only on the amount of hits). The reading time of the articles is the main measure of the platform and is always available at the beginning of each publication.

custom domain

The Blogger allows you to easily add custom fields, but can not buy the domain from the platform.

The WordPress allows the use of custom domain in paid plans. You can buy the domain by the platform or add an existing one.

To use a custom domain in Medium , you need to fill out form with information requesting the use of the domain.

The Tumblr allows the use of custom domain, however, you can not buy the domain through the platform and does not allow SSL.

Make Money monetizing the blog

The Blogger is the most open platform for monetizing blogs. You can link the Blogger account with the Adsense and display advertisements automatically. In addition, you can insert advertisements blocks of other platforms that offer affiliate programs and monetization specific gadget and bill with the blog.

blogger8Blogger allows you to link to Adsense account and post ads automatically (Play / David Lima)

The WordPress only allows monetizing the blog through paid and hosted plans outside the WordPress server – if you use the free version, you can not. When staying within the WordPress, even using a plugin to insert the code Adsense , for example, the code is blocked and advertisements do not appear on the blog.In addition, the Free plan, WordPress itself can display advertisements on the blog, but the owner does not receive so.

wordpress1WordPress does not allow monetization in the free plan (Play / File David)

The Tumblr has its open HTML to customize and allows you to insert advertisements blocks in theme HTML editing area. But the Medium has restricted platform for HTML editing, both to customize themes and to write articles. Currently it is tested one monetization method for professional editors, but for now still can not make money from ads in the blog.

Interaction with social networks

All platforms offer good options to share content on social networks, incorporating blocks, links or email.

The Blogger has a standard template options to enjoy and share, allowing the user to automatically share your Google+ posts. But as the Blogger platform is wide open, you can add your own sharing buttons.

In WordPress there a standard plugin for sharing on social networks, via e-mail, Skype and WatsApp .Moreover, the plugin configuration allows you to edit the sharing buttons, sort them and choose which places they should be displayed. The platform also has a connection tool that shares automatically new posts in all social networks connected to the blog – saving time time to disclose the contents.

wordpress6WordPress allows you to automatically share publications on social networks (Play / David Lima)

The Tumblr offers sharing options between social networks Facebook , Twitter and Reddit. Among other ways to share content they are sending by email and incorporation -which can be shared anywhere that accepts HTML editing.

tumblr12In addition to sharing options, Tumblr lets you enjoy, comment and reblogar publications (Play / David Lima)

The Medium has the most basic options for sharing, not extending beyond Facebook and Twitter .


Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Medium have their own characteristics, each of the platforms best suited to different content. For matters more relaxed, sharing media files (without worrying about well -prepared texts) Tumblr is the most appropriate. For book lovers with the goal of writing artistic mode, the Medium is the best option. If the intention is to use the blog for more elaborate content, transmit information or to make money, Blogger or WordPress possibly be the best choices.

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