If you are those who do not trust theWhatsApp  and prefers to use the Telegram , know that now more there is an excellent reason to be user Russian messenger.The developers behind the application announced that in its latest update (3.13), the program won a mini casual games platform that can be played in any chat without the need to open a second software.

Are simple and bobinhos games made specifically to encourage competitiveness within that family or group of college friends, for example. For now, the resort has 30 different titles, but the idea is that any developer can create their own games through the free API that Telegram posted on its official website . Just to give you an idea, some works were developed in just three hours.

To open a game in Messenger, just type the message @GameBot and the little robot will come up with the list of available titles. The novelty is already present in both the Android version (4.4 or higher) as in the iOS app. It is noteworthy, however, that you need to make sure that the issue 3.13 of Telegram is installed on your mobile device.


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