Check out 2 new CSS frameworks to develop websites

There are famous CSS  frameworks Bootstrap and Foundation , but many other code libraries and functions are released every month and in this post we will present 2 new.

The frameworks Blaze CSS and Wing are excellent solutions for those who need to air modern designs and responsive quickly, without having to learn new technologies. Everything here is easy and simple, without saying powerful. So enjoy!

BlazeCSS – Open Source Modular CSS Framework


Open source modular CSS framework providing great structure for building websites quickly. The idea Blaze_CSS is to provide all the necessary tools for developing web pages on the hand programmer

for more documentation visit Blaze CSS official website

Link: BlazeCSS


Wing CSS – Small but complete


In addition to Open Source , the Wing is a lightweight, low-resource framework, only essential for the development of small side and responsive projects.

Link: Wing CSS


These two new frameworks are really amazing and have distinct features and functionalities. Both Blaze_CSS , as the Wing can be used in almost any type of project, whether Web or Mobile. Now just test and evaluate what the best for your needs.

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  • Thank you so much for featuring Wing here, I’m the creator of it, and I really appreciate that 🙂

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