The Best free AntiVirus, uses 68 AntiVirus to Scan your PC

The best free online antivirus, uses 68 antivirus to scan your computer for viruses. The best solution to protect your computer from viruses today.

Unfortunately the more time passes the more we see that the information and security systems are susceptible to hackers and infections by viruses and malware. It is increasingly common to large companies are targets of major hacking attacks .

So we always write about hackers  and antivirus , the security of your data is very valuable. Only those who lost all their files gives real value to your files and photos – much more than the possible loss of privacy.

Free Online Antivirus | That gives free protection of Avast, Kaspersky, Panda, NOD, AVG and 68 companies in total.

Although there are many programs to scan for viruses on Online PC , HerdProtect is different because it is completely independent security companies that offer the online service. It also offers much more than the best site for viruses in file , as it will automatically search your entire computer.


Verification of HerdProtect  operates using the database of more than 68 software companies, serving as a secondary protection for your computer running Windows.

In the second half of 2014, the antivirus will remove the infected files and provide real – time protection, he lacks at the moment. So the creators themselves consider it a secondary protection to your PC.

The entire analysis of the files is done directly through the internet, incurring small amount of processing on your computer.

Its advantages are tremendous:

  • free of cost
  • multi virus scan using the highest protection engines available today
  • always updated with the latest virus definitions
  • It uses the power of the cloud and users to identify new threats and protect your PC
  • It can be carried in a USB flash drive with portable scanner

Unfortunately, there are major drawbacks to the program:

  • It does not delete the infected files automatically
  • It does not analyze the data in real time
  • always depends on the Internet to work


Its operation is very interesting, all the files from your computer, running or not, are transformed into a Hash sequence encoded according to their size, name, number and sequence of written bytes.

The analogy to the hash would be the barcode of a product: every product has its own, everyone has a roughly equal number of bars, but its layout is different so that by passing the box, the register machine can identify the product, its name and price.

The same goes for each file from your computer, through a HerdProtect’s proprietary algorithm, all files, documents, everything is transformed into a hash, a code that identifies that file. Next to the code are transferred information regarding your location and records on the Windows Regedit. All this is checked against the HerdProtect own database to see if that file is normal or not.

An example would be

  • The Word file should be DFCD 3454 76A7 7515 , with a total size of 32, 412.60 bytes.
  • Virus infected, Word turns DFCD 76A7 3454 5412, besides having a total size of 32, 812.60bytes.
  • Thus the HerdProtect checks against the antivirus which possible that this virus infecting, and indicate to you that this file is “Sick”

You can understand a little more about Hash generators using the site Miracle Salad . Type anything in the field, any text size, and it will be converted into a hash finite and fixed numbers.

What software companies access my files for viruses using HerdProtect?

The following, namely:

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