Microsoft Creates Artificial Intelligence to help blind

In the last week, Microsoft held a presentation of new devices , which it began with a video telling how its products help people with disabilities. Now, Microsoft began work on Project Tokyo – artificial intelligence, which will help people who are experiencing vision problems. He can, regardless of the language to communicate information to the signs, suggest about the free space in public transport, to report the presence of a familiar person, and much more. With the help of Project Tokyo company wants to give blind people the ability to live a full life in the modern world.

“Technology has the potential to enrich the lives of people like never before We will not stop developing technology to extend the capabilities of each person or organization on the planet” – said Jenny Lay-Flurry, Senior Director of the availability of Microsoft products.

Over Project Tokyo running Microsoft researchers from around the world together with research partners from the US, UK, China, Japan and India. They study the opportunities for scientific and technological progress in the direction of helping people suffering from eye problems. This is a long-term research project in order to create working prototypes.

While Project Tokyo is just a concept, and Microsoft did not say in what form this project comes to ordinary users. It may be smart glasses or other device with a built-in camera and earphone. However, it is possible that it will be something completely new.


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