Xiaomi will release Lego-like coding toy robot

Xiaomi is developing a robot toy Toy Block, which consists of designer pieces, resembling the famous LEGO. Toys will be given to a number of different forms, but thanks to movable mechanisms implemented several games scenarios. Controlling the robot it will be implemented through a special application to your smartphone. In addition to standard parts, Toy Block hidden processor ARM Cortex-M3 and gyroscope to keep the vertical position. Declared and endurance limit: Toy Block may move forward with a load of up to 3 kg.

Chapter Xiaomi Lei Jun announced the appearance of Toy Block on the official page on Weibo. The robot will go on sale on November 11 for $ 73. For comparison, the designer with much less basic functions Code-a-Pillar costs $ 50, and Dash robot from Wonder Workshop in retail can be found for $ 150.

Source: fudzilla.com

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