Blind people will be able to read books using a tiny device

Scientists from the University of Maryland have developed a device that is named HandSight. It allows visually impaired people to read the text typed is not in Braille. On the development told NewScientist.

To read printed materials, many blind use mobile applications like KNFB Reader, which reads text and converts it into sound. Often, however, the application is not capturing the entire picture, or could cause problems in the analysis of complex layouts like menus or newspapers.

HandSight is a tiny camera, originally designed for endoscopy, which is attached to the tip of a finger, while the rest of the device is attached to the finger and wrist. As the user follows the line of text finger computer located side by side, it reads the information and sends it to the audio signals. Special signals such as changes in tone or vibration to help orient the reader, if he knock and lose the line.

This technology is used in October, 19 people, who in a couple of hours reading excerpts from books or fashion magazines. On average, they read at a speed of 63-81 words per minute, missing only a few words in each of the passages of the text. The average read speed of Braille – 90-115 words per minute, while the sighted – 200 words per minute.

Some test technology very much, others said that Braille and other techniques familiar to them. It is noted that HandSight be useful for reading materials where it is important to placement of the text, such as newspaper columns. The creators of the technology suggest that it will be useful for reading and other visual characteristics, such as colors and patterns.

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