Every time talking about virtual reality is pertinent to say that is in its early days. Although it is heavy to hear, so. Just see how they have advanced kits Oculus in a couple of years to realize it. The Samsung Gear VR have been a key element in popularizing, but his stage does not end here. In fact, as shown in a patent Samsung , the next model could go not only democratizing virtual reality, but also integrating their most cutting – edge advances.

In each comparison made the Gear VR against the kits that are linked to computer often speak of the shortcomings and distance that is the (very expensive) alternatives. First on the list of what is missing it is usually the position tracking, central to feel a real integration in many game scenarios. The good news does not stop there: by installing several sensors on the front of the head is possible to get much more information and also to experience much more realistic immersion .

With external cameras, as stated in the patent, it improves quality positioning. The best thing is that in addition to the area covered by the helmet could monitor external parties such as the mouth, for inclusion in video games and other methods of social interaction.


Eye tracking promises to be the mainstay of the reality of the future with a lot. In fact, companies like Fove have opted for dedicated solutions whose existence is based on eye tracking. Thanks to a LED light is placed, it is possible to analyze well the facial gestures, not just the eyes.

Gear VR listed in the patent are much more as the final model as the way to something that may appear in the market or not, but that seems farthest from the early commercialization. The sensors which follow sight and facial expressions are integrated into the own headset that is seen in the images.