New method provides visa card Hacking in 6 seconds

The report, published in IEEE Security & Privacy magazine, shows how you can bypass the protection Visa credit cards using Distributed Guessing Attack attack or a distributed search. This method allows you to choose just the basic map data for 6 seconds. How to explain the study’s lead author Mohamed Ali, this attack works on the basis of two types of vulnerabilities, which in themselves are not dangerous, but in combination can represent a serious threat to unsuspecting cardholders.


For data distributed brute force attack uses Internet shops. Repeats the various options and then guess the correct depending on the reaction site in an attempt to make a transaction. And with the help of the correctly predicted field consistently recognized and others.

Unfortunately, modern electronic payment systems do not record unsuccessful attempts to make a payment on the sites. Given the fact that the sites request various details for the transaction, in the aggregate, this allows you to apply the above attack.


It is noteworthy that cracking easily gives Visa payment system that does not respond to unsuccessful attempts of payment at different sites with a single card, while MasterCard distributed busting attack was quickly identified – in less than 10 tries to guess the data.

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